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    “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

    Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest people amongst us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, or any other issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

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    I care about you, and your story. You can trust that I will treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards for integrity and ethics.

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    About Sonya Andersen-Haile

    “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius

    Thoughts and feelings about the past, or the future, can be debilitating, making life unenjoyable, or at the least annoying. Sometimes people need to talk it out, to help find purpose, meaning, clarity, and solace within themselves, to move toward a future that is more enjoyable and meaningful.

    Life need not be a struggle, and I can help you figure out how to pave the path toward the life you want.


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